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Welcome to Golden Valley Elementary!

Golden Valley Lions Roar with #MAGIC
Lion cub pawing at camera

 Principal's Messagehashtag magic in sparkle text

Welcome students, parents, and community members to Golden Valley. It is my vision to continue the great things that are currently happening at Golden Valley and enhance the great work with #MAGIC. #MAGIC is the theme we are continuing from last school year.  Making #MAGIC happen everyday is what will help us have a laser like focus on what is truly important and beneficial to all learners in our Pride.  Making #MAGIC happen everyday consists of these 5 components:
M - MakE Learning Visible  Learning you can see and hear
A - Analysis and Action - Data Driven Instruction - 
G - Graduate Outcomes - Preparing students for College/Career/Community
I - Instruction - GIFT - Great Instruction - Know thy Impact Everything we do or don't do has an impact on learning.
C- Collective Efficacy - A staff’s shared belief that through their  collective  action they can positively influence student outcomes

 If you believe it, you will see it.

I am excited to work alongside an outstanding staff and I look forward to working closely with parents to form strong home/school connections.  2019-2020 is going to be a great year, it's an exciting time to be a LION! I have no doubt that Golden Valley will be at the forefront of academic excellence.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you all.  Thank you!
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PBIS Platinum status emblem 2019 recognition

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